viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2018

The Devil and Tom's Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker

Trustworthiness and thankfulness. This two values are very related to the story named The Devil and Tom Walker, although at first sight is rarely noticed. You may ask, ¿Are trustworthiness and thankfulness reflected in actions at all? Well, let’t talk about it part by part:

In The Devil an Tom Walker there are 4 characters which could reflect this two values. First I will talk of Tom. Tom and The devil, they show on a weird way this tow values. When Tom accepted The Devil’s deal he trusted in some way The Devil’s “good intention”, although the purpose was to be an evil money lender, and in this action we could also notice the thankfulness, Tom’s thankfulness, because The Devil gave him what he wanted, wealthy. 

Trustworthiness is also noticed when Tom’s wife looks up for the devil, and she trusts that he could make her wishes come true, but we all know that it finished with this hateful woman mysteriously disappearing.

Then we could talk about the people who needed Tom’s help, Tom’s money lending deals. Although the accepted Tom’s deal because of necessity, they trusted Tom, they trusted that they where going to a good place, with a professional, good intended guy, but they faced someone who just made a deal with the devil.

Lastly we could assume that The Devil was thankful, very thankful when he went to take his part of the deal, take Tom’s soul. We all know that lastly tom was trying to regret the deal with The Devil, by been a religious guy, making good actions, but he lied and somehow by lying of his actions, and affronting “Take by The Devil”, this mysterious guy, that we all know as The Devil showed up and took his part.  

viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2018

The voices

The voices

Dr. Henry was driving to the Psychiatric Center in which he works. He was this evil man that did illegal stuff all the time, he treated his patients as animals, he was just a bad guy. He would deliver some guns to a psychopath that was intern in the Psychiatric Center, something that would surely cost many lives. As he drove by he stopped at the traffic light, then he saw a little kid was wearing all black clothes; the kid was alone on a wheelchair going to an unknown place. Dr. Henry was a little terrified by this kid, there was something wrong with his aura. Although he got little scared by this kid, he was like 10 blocks away from work and Dr. Henry was already late.

When he arrived he immediately was going to deliver the guns to the psychopath, but he was noticed that there was a new patient with a supposed case of schizophrenia. When Dr. Henry saw who it was, he was shocked. The little kid on the wheelchair was entering to a room by himself. Dr. Henry had his bag full of guns when he entered the room where de little kid was placed.

- Hi… ¿What’s your name? – Dr. Henry asked terrified.
The kid just ignored the fact than Dr. Henry was talking to him, while he was just sitting there on his wheelchair staring at everything that was inside the room.

- I would deliver something to another patient, I would come in just a minute. – Dr. Henry told the little kid as he started walking out of the room.

- No… no… no – The little kid whispered while Dr. Henry walked away. - ¡NO... NO... NO! – The kid started screaming when Dr. Henry was getting further.

The door closed by itself and a weird silence erupted from the kid’s room. Then the kid started talking in an unknown language. Doctors said he was just talking with the voices inside his head, nothing weird for a person who suffers schizophrenia.

Dr. Henry gave the psychopath the guns. The next morning, 13 dead people, a massacre in the Psychiatric Center. The psychopath was condemned to execution. Dr. Henry didn´t have any penalty at all, no one knew he was an accomplice in this massive disaster. But there is something, it wasn’t perfect, Dr. Henry then remembered those repetitive words that this kid said when he was with him, something was not right.

After all the investigation, Dr. Henry stayed clean. His next move was entering to the drug business. In the Psychiatric Center many patients suffered addictions from many drugs, Dr. Henry’s mission was to deliver this drugs to them. The patients with this addictions would pay any price just to taste a little bit of whatever cost them to be an intern.

When Dr. Henry had all the drugs inside his bag and he was going to deliver them, he needed to go to the kid’s room first. He was nervous because he knew there was something wrong with this kid.

After a brief protocol data collection, Dr. Henry was going to initiate his mission. Then something evil was coming, the kid stared at Dr. Henry and started crying blood tears.

- Stop… – The kid said with a suffered voice.

- Never – Dr. Henry said as he walked out.

9 patients worsened after relapsing into drugs. People were suffering for Dr. Henry’s greed. He got a lot of money from the drug business, but he wasn’t calmed, he knew he needed to do something about that kid.

Dr. Henry decided to murder the little kid himself, so he made an elaborate plan to stay clean and achieve his goal. At 3:00 am, he took a gun and started walking to the kid’s room, he was prepared to take his life. As he started walking to the kid’s door he heard soft screams all over the corridor, they came from that exact room. He wasn’t ready anymore, he was terrified. Then he opened the door. He saw a room full of flames, magma, darkness, evilness, there was hundreds of dead people in the floor. Lastly in the back of the room there was the kid, sitting in a big throne, wearing black clothes and wearing a king’s black crown. With a blood tear on his eye and with a look full of hate the kid said to Dr. Henry – Welcome to hell. –

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2018

My little universe

My little universe

3 divisions, 3 factions, 3 stages... just my little universe. Colombia could be called the first one. Although this place is cursed by a stereotype that is called drugs, narcotrafic and Pablo Escobar it is not our all. We have delicious food, good universities, great musicians, famous actors, legendary writers, amazing athletes and well… not the best politicians, but that’s kind of ok. I hate when outsiders tag us as something we are not. True, we have our past, not the best one, but we are not in it anymore, at least not that massive. I could be wrong, but that’s my Colombia, the one full of good people, full of values, full of nature, with our biodiversity and joyfulness. Our little 1,141,748 km² piece of land where approximately 49 million people are situated is the best place I’ve ever been, and if you ever try to insult and denigrate Colombia, I invite you to see it for yourself as it is, not as people think it is. The following is a personal point of view: I think there is something weird about our women genes, they are the most beautiful ones of planet earth… thanks God, I love you!

We’ve talked about my dear Colombia, our first division, it’s time to talk about the second one, Barranquilla. It’s part of what I call my little universe, it’s part of my existence, part of me. Barranquilla is a really hot place, it seems to be summer everytime! That’s kind of frustrating, I want snow, I really want some snow! But I just fell a brief wind… sad. We have many people from many different cultures, appearances and personalities, that’s why you get to know the definition of the following word: Unique. We find diversity of food, parks, malls, buildings, streets, you find many kind of things. You could watch the Selección Colombia in the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez, or the worst/best soccer club, Club Deportivo Popular Junior, also called: El Tiburón, Los Rojiblancos, Los Curramberos or Tu Papá. In Barranquilla, also called Puerta De Oro De Colombia you can go to the movies, to play any sport, there are parks with different sport fields. Even though Barranquilla is a small place, it is full of unity between people, and has the best school, Lyndon B. In comparison with other Colombian departments, although we are small, we are the best.
Now, the end, the final one, the final place, the final division. My neighborhood is placed in Barranquilla, Colombia. On a very central location where everyone and everything is near my home resides. I have many malls nearby, also some restaurants, my friends homes, different parks, churches, supermarkets, hospitals, sport fields, many schools, you find every kind of stuff nearby, I love that. I consider my neighborhood as the best one. My neighbors are very united, so there are no problems, fights or discussions; I have good relationships, clean streets, beautiful views of the city, every kind of people, I have everything I could ask for. My favorite place is the soccer field that’s near my home, I always play there with my close friends, having a good time, and doing a sport, that means i’m not losing my time doing any stupid and unuseful activity. I’ve grown here, I’ve laugh, cry, live, and died in here. I spend time with my family in there, as everything is nearby we don’t have to travel large distances to do something fun, and my family members are nearby too. Now you’ve heard the 3 divisions of what I love to call: My little universe.

martes, 21 de agosto de 2018

My life

My life

My name is Jose Soto. I´m a 15 years old child born in Barranquilla, Colombia. I´m currently a junior at LBJ School. I´m the third of 5 brothers. Finally I hope to be a psychologist.

I like “different” things. I know it sounds kind of weird when you consider yourself different, but in my 15 years I’ve only seen few people of my age whose likes are like mine, I can count them with only one hand, literally.

I´m passionate about the best sport ever created, soccer. Another one of my likes is music, especially when I sing, or when I play the piano. I love writing, romance writing; it could be a poem or a story, I just love writing about it. Finally the main reason why I want to be a psychologist, I find happiness helping people, I find satisfaction knowing that I´m influential in an improvement process.

My most important goal, the one and only that I wish wouldn´t be taken from me is love. I hope to get married and have many children, to last with her for the rest of my days. Kind of weird to think about that this young, but that´s what my heart desires.